Atone for this, little girl


This is the most annoying girl in the world. She was in ‘Atonement,’ which Virginia and I saw this week. It was OK, but we deemed it not Oscar-worthy.

We liked ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ better. Tom Hanks has rebounded from that darn ‘Da Vinci Code’ debacle and got his hair back under control.

What movies have you seen? What’s good?

My choice for Best Picture remains … ‘The Simpsons Movie.’

2 thoughts on “Atone for this, little girl

  1. We want to see Juno, but heck, two movies in one week. We’ve used up our three-month movie allotment.

  2. Just saw “The Simpsons Movie” this weekend and you’re right, it was great. And everybody here is singing “Spider Pig.” Also saw Juno yesterday and it lives up to the hype. Well-written movie with a great cast.

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