I thought that New Yorker writer Jiayang Fan really got to the heart of bullying in her article about a recent “O’Reilly Factor” report on Chinatown that was eye-wateringly racist.

Fan came to the U.S. at age 8, and is now a citizen. She contemplates the permissioning for this kind of dark idiocy that Donald Trump has wrought, and her own susceptibility to be victimized by it:

Scarier still are the tiny seeds of self-doubt he sows in each one of us who has ever been led to believe that those who insult us might somehow be better than us, that we should be the ones who are embarrassed.

And that’s how bullying works, right? It makes the innocent guilty of … of .. what, exactly? Of being capable of embarrassment or shame? Of being human?

A month till Election Day. If only all this craziness could end with the closing of the polls in November.

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