57 … It’s Not About Me

I turned 57 yesterday. It was fun. Virginia made a big deal of it. So did Facebook, longtime friends and work colleagues. And I’m uncomfortable with it. It’s not about the number, or the years past or the years ahead. Or what I’ve done or haven’t done. Instead, I’m a bit unsettled by the “me-ness”Continue reading “57 … It’s Not About Me”

My Wild and Precious Life at 50

This is what I presented recently at Wellsprings Congregation as part of our annual Wild and Precious Life service, which draws inspiration from the Mary Oliver poem The Summer Day. It’s a little funny to be here as the representative for the 50s, as I’ve been 50 for 8 days now. But let me tellContinue reading “My Wild and Precious Life at 50”

Happy birthday, Mom!

Kevin’s mom Maureen hosted her annual Sunday dinner at Sirena’s in Long Branch. The weather is usually spectacular, but this time it was gray and rainy—and that was a good thing. The restaurant was much less crowded than recent years and it was much more relaxed. Everybody had a good time, and it was sweetContinue reading “Happy birthday, Mom!”