Christmas Cookies Reviewed

Virginia sent cookies and tea to Aunt Doris in Columbus, Ohio. This is the email we received today (minor editing):

We just finished lunch and dessert. The Kenyon tea is delicious and the mango flavor is good. I sampled 4 of the collection.  Cinnamon were tops so far, close second were spice w/raisin frosting, unusual lemon frosting. Will test the others when I have more space.  Mary will have to give her tops later.  Thanks so much. I may share some of the others.

If you’ve ever had Virginia’s cookies, what are your favorites? We’re curious.

Goodbye, Holidays (We Had Fun)

From the Friday before Christmas to New Year’s Day, this holiday season has been eternal. That’s not bad, but it’s been looong. And for the sake of our waistlines, it’s time to move on.

So we’ll leave you with some photos (see below and above, where Kelly and my mom are together and looking good at Chris and Judy’s Christmas Eve get-together in the refurbished house) to look at while cooped up by the coming snows and cold.