Bar Harbor Day 2

We started the day on the water, sea kayaking to some small islands along the Maine coast. Foggy. A little wild. Then the sun broke through, the water calmed, and the tensions eased.

In the afternoon, Kevin went for a ride “around the mountain,” but his path was closed and he improvised. Virginia hiked the Bubbles, between Eagle Lake and Jordan Pond. The boys spent some down time at the hotel pool.

We met upo at the Jordan Pond House for a late lunch/early dinner, then drove the park loop road, where the boys tried out their bouldering skilz, and Virginia and Kevin practiced holding their breath.

Day ended with ice cream in town. All that was left for Friday was some early-morning exercise—and the beginning of the long ride home.


Bar Harbor Day 1

After a drizzly arrival Tuesday, Wednesday opened absolutely gorgeous, and we had one of those perfect Maine summer days—70 degrees, sunny, no humidity. Virginia and Kevin got in an early-morning bike ride through Acadia, and in the afternoon they were joined by The Boys, who rode up Day Mountain with Kevin (plus another 12 miles or so). We caught dinner on the water, and finished up the day atop Cadillac Mountain. Thursday, it’s sea kayaking and more time in Acadia. Boys have been great and there’s still a day-plus to go before we head home. Feeling blessed to be in one of my favorite places in the world, with people I love.

Lubec and Quoddy Light House

We stayed here after visiting Campobello Island (the Roosevelts’ vacation home on the US-Canadian border—Virginia is an Eleanor Roosvelt fan). It was a rainy day and Lubec didn’t impress. At about 7:45 pm, we went into town because we had seen an ice cream place, but it was closed. Settled on an inn instead. We had to wait 15 minutes, no big deal. When we sat down you hadf two dessert choices—blueberry ice cream or apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Kelly and I ordered the apple crisp. The waitress asked if we wanted it warmed up. We both said yes. So it was a surprise when both dishes showed up cold. The bigger surprise was that I got a big bowl and Kelly got a small cup. We switched servings and when the check showed up—you guessed it—we were charged the same for both. Thankfully we weren’t charged extra for (un)heated. The place was Cohill’s Inn. If you ever find yourself, god help you, in Lubec, try Frank’s instead. Or get your ice cream BEFORE 6 pm.

That said, the East Quoddy Light House was a gem, as well as the easternmost spot in the US.

Portland and Mt. Katadhin

We stopped at Portland on Day 1 of our vacation, and saw our friends Deb and Dale, who joined us for a Sea Dogs game. Next day, we were off to Millinockett. On Sunday, we hiked Mount Katadhin. It was, in a word, hard—4k vertical feet during a 10-mile hike. Pete and Kelly did great, Virginia and Kevin were feeling it on the descent (and the next day). But we all did it. Mark it off the bucket list.