Loss and Found

This has been a week about loss.

Went to Phillies game last Wednesday night with friends and it had the feeling of a hangover, of waking up to find the girl you found so fascinating the night before isn’t how you remembered, that the window has shut on the Good Times. Less than 20,000 unenthusiastic fans. The ballpark felt like a flat tire. The team, about the same. Spent.

Also, Chuck Stone died, in an assisted care facility in North Carolina. Chuck was my first mentor, the professor I respected (heck, it was closer to awe) who convinced me that I could write and that I could master the art of asking questions (though being married to the best interviewer I know often makes me feel pretty junior varsity when it comes to asking questions‚ and I’m a guy who actually ASKS QUESTIONS.). Chuck had this look—like the Grinch’s upbeat brother. He always wore a bow tie, a Brooks Brother suit, and a perpetual gleam in his eye. When I was editor of the student paper at the University of Delaware, I had a weekly Friday lunch with Chuck. He told me how to make stories better, he told me stories about his time in the company of Martin Luther King, his time as chief of staff to Rep. Adam Clayton Powell of New York (oh my!), and asked me about my life. What a gift.

Chuck, at a news conference in 1981 after he negotiated the end to a prison riot at Graterford Penitentiary, outside Philadelphia.
Chuck, at a news conference in 1981 after he negotiated the end to a prison riot at Graterford Penitentiary, outside Philadelphia. Who else looks this dapper in a hostage negotiation?

Chuck loved smart and irreverent. And I loved Chuck. His wit and wisdom resides with me still, though I haven’t seen him in decades, and realizing I won’t ever see him again is weighing on me this week.

Thankfully, those memories—and those from 2008-10—all reside in me. I can access them. And I can be awake to the possibility of new good times, new wisdom, new revelation. Maybe it’s not about loss after all.

How Sweet It Is!


phillies parade
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If this is the last time Virginia’s faviorite baseball plauyer ever, Pat Burrell, is part of the Phillies, well, it was quite a way to go out!

The city of Philadelphia celebrated the Phils’ 2nd world championship ever – and first since 1980 – with a huge parade. More than 2 million people apparently attended.

And it all started with Burrell, his wife, and his bulldog, Elvis, riding the Budweiser wagon behind a team of Clysedales.

We were down there – at 22nd and Broad. And you can see our photos here.

Next up: a 2009 repeat.

Phillies Spring Training Question


Ryan Howard is asking for $10 million from the Phillies as part of his arbitration case. The Phils are offering $7 million.

Pay the man, Phillies. We want Ryan, and Chase Utley, to form the nucleus of this franchise for the next 10 years. Seeing as you kept him in the minors an excessive amount of time, it’s time to pay the guy based on performance. Consider the $10 million a down payent on the $150 million that decade is gonna cost you.

Am I right?