Snow Days

DSC07888The snow just keeps coming this winter. Monday ended up a true snow day—no school, no work. Everybody stayed home till about 6 pm. Virginia and I shoveled off a load of snow from the driveway, and the plow didn’t come through till about 10 pm.

Tuesday the skies cleared and it was back to work.

Wednesday is expected to see another storm. And another this weekend. Missing Haiti!

Stay warm, Auntie Do!


Columbus, Ohio, got socked by 20 inches of snow this weekend. Beyond being jealous (give US that white stuff, the boys say!!), we were worried for Virginia’s Aunt Doris.

Well, we shouldn’t have worried. Doris’ daughter Mary reports that all is well in Ohio; Doris could have gone outside but she elected not to.

If Doris sends us pictures of her sledding, we’ll post them.