Soccer’s over


Kelly’s rec soccer team was a funny critter. They didn’t have anybody who appeared much interested in scoring a goal most of the season, except for the coach’s 8-year-old, who was a frequent call-up. But they played pretty good defense and the others teams were no great shakes … and the team surged late in the season. All of a sudden the team that couldn’t score was the second-best team in the league (ok, there were just four teams).

Anyway, that held through a single day of playoffs. First, Kelly’s team won 2-0 in the playoff semifinal. Kelly played a strong goalie, then scored in the second half of the game – truth be told, the 8-year-old did all the hard work and then made a great crossing pass to Kelly, who banged it home. Afterward, Kelly picked up the 8-y-o, who is tiny. It was a memorable moment. Why did we let Peter have the camera at that point?!?!

Anyway, the Revolution reached the final and … well, this wasn’t Hoosiers. Let’s just say it was a great season. If I can find everybody’s name, I’ll list the roster.

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