‘No Country’ for fraidy-cats


Virginia and I saw the new Coen Brothers movie, No Country For Old Men, which was a) good, b) humorless and c) really violent. Here’s what our friend Dan Neman, a movie reviewer in Richmond, Va., thought of it. This guy to the right is gonna be up for some award. He was a little TOO good playing a psychopath.

I liked The Simpsons better.

Next up. Atonement. How ’bout you?

One thought on “‘No Country’ for fraidy-cats

  1. Well, have just watched the Simpsons Movie on pay per view in a hotel room in Barcelona. Very entertaining, particularly when I had seen all the other English language movies on offer.As for the most recent movie in a theatre, we saw Lions for Lambs – which left us feeling ambivalent (the point?) And, I still don’t like Tom Cruise!


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