This may have been a mistake …

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Yes, we got Kelly a 65-watt amp for his guitar. This mother is loud – and maybe, I’m a little scared. Gave Kelly a rule today – no practice before 6:30 a.m.

Otherwise he got the game Guitar Hero III for the Wii, and quickly established his family dominance.

Peter got waves of clothing and a new Nano, which means Kelly got Pete’s old one (it has been handed down twice in 12 months). Virginia got … a new gas grill.

Christmas dinner was at the O’Callaghans, who said this will be the last Xmas in which they host the family gathering. They are gettign older and it’s gettign to be a little much. After four decades, I guess they deserve a break.

Pete and Kelly stayed with Grandma and Pop-Pop for a few days after Christmas while mom and dad worked. Back home tonight. Pete’s travel team played in a holiday tournament and went 2-1. They seem content with that.

One thought on “This may have been a mistake …

  1. Well congrats to Kelly. As a fellow guitar player (OK, a bad guitar player is more like it), I hope he cranks it up to 11 and let’s it blast — as long as it’s after 6:30. The FL Gephart boys got Guitar Hero for the Wii for Christmas, too. And it’s very addictive. A great family game.Happy New Year and best wishes to all the Donahues!Dan


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