Oscar worthy

Oscar nominees were released today and Virginia and I have a lot of film-watching to do if we’re going to have informed opinions.

But, heck, who needs informed opinions?!?!

As I’ve often said at our neighbor’s Oscars party, seeing the movies only gets in the way of picking the winners.

We’ve seen Atonement, Michael Clayton and No Country for Old Men. Hopefully, that won’t screw up my prognosticatin’.

Best Movie: Michael Clayton, Atonement, Juno, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Not enough laughs in Old Men, not enough sweep to Clayton, Atonement had that interminable, showy scene at Dunkirk, the awful little girl and no laughs. Absent a write-in for Simpsons Movie, I’m going with Daniel Day Lewis and There Will Be Blood.

Best actor: George Clooney, to make Virginia happy. (But really, it will be Daniel Day Lewis.)

Best actress: Laura Linney. Didn’t see a one of these movies and, Juno excepted, never hope to.

Supporting actress/actor: Who cares, but Blanchett and the bad ass from No Country …

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