Breaking News: Crazy-Bad Driving in Our ‘Hood


It’s not every day that two—count ’em, two—TV news crews descend on our neighborhood, but it isn’t every day that a disastrously inept driver manages to spin out, crash through a fence, and end up in a neighbor’s pool!

And all this was reported to Virginia by our junior crime reporter, Kelly Donahue, who came home, called up his mom/editor, then returned to the scene of the crime.

The CBS3 video is here.

The driver was medi-vacced to Philly from a local park. Reports are, he’s going to be OK. Which is good.

But please, don’t let him drive again.

p.s. Somebody should find out who made the pool cover, because that is one great endorsement: So strong, it can hold up a pickup truck!

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