Big dog

IMG_0169, originally uploaded by kevdonahue.

I guess I should have been paying attention to Kelly’s hoops game, but I was distracted by this very large dog (or very small horse) that was to my left. Anyway, Kelly and Peter both played tonight and both their teams won easily. They also played tennis today, and Peter also got in 9 gholes of golf. (Yes, I’d like Peter’s life, too). Next week, Kelly’s off to summer camp in upstate New York for a week. The week after, they’re headed to Florida with Grandma and Pop-Pop. In August, it’s four or so days in the Poconos, followed by a week-plus out West, checking out the Rockies, the Grand Canyon and a bunch of other sites, including Vegas. All in all, not a bad summer. Me? I’m trying to figure how to pay for it all …

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