Kelly’s summer camp


IMG_0193, originally uploaded by kevdonahue.

We picked up Kelly Saturday, July 19, at the Unirondack camp in the Adirondacks (upstate NY). He’d been there all week with his friend Alex. Virginia had been missing him something awful since about Tuesday. As we pulled up, down a long single-track dirt road, we saw him and his friend Alex peeking at the road looking for our car.

Hugs all around, and Kelly showed us around the camp. (Photos here.)

Best part was hearing all the kids say goodbye and so many calling to Kelly. He seemed very at home – and ain’t that a blessing.

On the way home, we stopped and visited our friend Eileen Gilligan, her husband Bard, and their kids Mac and Annie. It’s always good to catch up with old friends. And it certainly helped to break up a long trip.

Got home ’round 5:30 Sunday. Will be happy to not be in a car tonight. And gladder still to have Kelly at home.

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