Holiday fundraiser a success

Virginia put in a lot of hours helping to coordinate our church's annual Holiday Shoppe fundraiser, and it was time well-spent. It raised about $1,500.

Kevin continues to chair the Building and Grounds Committee, which is not exactly his skill set ("Kevin" and "handy" are seldom put in the same sentence) but it's how he's helping now.

In other news:
– Kelly is playing Travel Basketball this winter. He made Audubon's B team, and Kevin's assisting with the coaching (though not that much).
– Pete tried out and made the JV basketball team at high school. The tryouts were demanding and the commitment is intense. He's going to have to manage his team in a much more efficient manner. We'll see how that works out.
– Both boys had relatively good report cards – Pete picked up an eliminated a bunch of C's from his freshman year. Kelly posted a bunch of 90s. Virginia and I are proud – and expecting more.
– Virginia has about recovered from a bout of poison ivy, caught when we cleaned up her mom's yard in Md. Kelly has shaken off a lingering episode of his IBD. We're looking good heading into the holidays.

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