Happy birthday, Pete!


IMG_0358, originally uploaded by kevdonahue.

Grandma came and visited us on Saturday, June 12, for Pete’s 16th birthday. We took him out to PF Chang’s, which was actually pretty good. Peter didn’t get any actual presents; instead he got PROMISES of presents: an iPhone later this month and 3 tickets to a Phillies game, for him and 2 friends. All told, not a bad b-day.

And then, last night, he asked if I’d drive him to DMV so he can take his driver’s permit test. Scored 18 of 20 correct 3x on the sample test. This from the kid who gets distracted driving the lawn tractor around the yard. As George Costanza said a long time ago, “Serenity now!”

Anyway, he’s a good kid and he loves his grandma. Happy birthday, Peter!

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