Good day!

IMG_0013, originally uploaded by kevdonahue.

Virginia, our friend Shannon and I went for a bike ride this afternoon. After all the heat of last week, it was ONLY 90 and there was a fresh breeze blowing. This is Virginia and Shannon at Green Lane, at the end of the Perkiomen Trail.

Also today:
– Peter had his first driving lesson in the Methacton parking lot; all involved parties are resting comfortably.
– Kelly reported for camp in the Adirondacks. He’s very excited. Third year he’s attended, with his friend Alex. They love it. We’ll pick him up with a marathon road trip next Saturday. Can’t wait 😉
– Kevin visited his pals at Wellsprings. All I can say is, Liberal religious worship done right. Intelligent, inspiring stuff.
– Virginia taught a summer program at our church.

Have a good week.

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