Visiting the Lindsays


P1060818, originally uploaded by kevdonahue.

Kevin’s old roommate Doug Lindsay and his family were up from Florida and we saw them at Doug’s parent’s home in Cape May, NJ. Kevin got to the beach for the first time this summer (amazing, it’s almost August) and, it was fun tho we got chased off by a midafternoon thunderstorm.

Back at the Lindsay house, which sits on the intercoastal waterway, Jack L., Pete and Kelly caught some jellyfish that were floating by (you can see part of one hanging out of a hole in the bag (above).

We enjoyed a great meal of lasagna, salad and Texas toast, and called it a day at 8:30, as Virginia and Kevin had to work Friday. It was great to connect, great to see everyone, and I owe an apology for not taking a photo of everybody—especially Carly. The few photos I took are here

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