Back to school, back to un-summer

We got through the first two days of school (though Virginia went to sleep Monday night talking about how Pete only has two “first days” left, and reminiscing about his first day of school, more than a decade ago. he was SO CUTE!) …

Then the kids had Thursday off for Rosh Hashanah. Seems like a choppy start to the year. Anyway, they’re back to school Friday. Kelly (8th grade) has rec soccer this fall; Peter (11th) has just his studies—and finding a part-time job.

Kevin is still at Men’s Health, and teaching a class (remotely) at Syracuse U. One class down, he’s still liking it. Young people are smart, and get a bad rap.

Virginia is again supervising the Bryn Mawr interns across Norristown in addition to her job at Children’s Aid.

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