Cleanup at Valley Forge


Virginia has her tea and she’s happy Saturday at Valley Forge National Park, where we took our Sunday school class for National Park Lands Day. We helped clean up a section of the park, with 7 of our students. It was a good, productive morning.

Kelly missed it. He’s been having a flare. This is the first time we’ve tried to stretch 8 weeks between Remicade treatments, and 6 weeks may be a safer number. He’s been feeling pretty crummy since last weekend, missed school Thursday and Friday, and has had lots of symptoms. We moved up his next infusion to Monday (tomorrow), so we’re expecting that to get us back on track.

No photos, but we painted our laundry room on Sunday, too. I had a brain cramp and messed up one wall, but we’ll get it fixed. And next weekend, come hell or high water, we’re going to finish the fence-painting project. Rolling on!

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