Kelly in the hospital

First things first: It’s not that bad. We’ve been extending the time between Kelly’s Remicade treatments and we were up to 8 weeks between treatments. This was the longest we’d tried to go — and we didn’t quite make it. After about five weeks he started to show symptoms.

By the time we got in for a treatment — Monday at CHOP — he was having a flare. This morning, we checked in with the doc and he took a look at lab results and where we were, and requested that we come in so we could get on top of it.

It’s a pain for everybody, means Kelly (most likely) misses the rest of this week of school (on top of the 2 days he missed last week) and puts our work weeks in disarray. But we need to get him better.

Sadly, it meant Virginia and I missed the viewing for a friend of ours, Jere Ryan, who passed away on Sunday. He was 59. He was a great guy, and will be missed greatly. Condolences to his daughter Colleen, ex-wife Regina, and all his family.

Now, off to bed …

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