A Good Sunday for Hoops (Though We Lost 2 Games)


Pete’s team, Methacton, finished up its time in the Stellar Tournament with two losses Sunday. First one was to eventual tourney winner Chester. In fact, as the game started, Pete was playing against one of the top players in Pennsylvania. Pete pushed off him on the first play and the guy yelled to the ref, “Oh, my ankle. Whoa, ref. Stop!” And he left the game, never to return. Who knew Pete was such a bruiser! That was the highlight, unfortunately, and they lost by 18 or so.

In the second game, they played a very beatable team from the Lehigh Valley, Northampton, but Methacton was clearly gassed and had very little left after three wins on Saturday. Didn’t help that Northampton made about 9 threes. Methacton lost by 7, I think. Pete played fine.

Anyway, that was 6 games in 2 1/2 days. Which was enough. Pete took a hard spill on his shoulder. We’ll see how it is when he wakes up Monday.



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