Tried to get in a Phillies game …

We had tickets to this afternoon’s Phillies game, with Hurricane Irene chugging through the Carolinas. Unfortunately, the rain started by 12, which caught the forecasters by surprise. We milled around the park for about 40 minutes before the game was called. Photo is of Kelly and his friend Mike.

It’s 7:05 pm and rain is picking up, the wind too. We’re supposed to get 5-10 inches of rain and wind gusts above 60 mph. We’ll see. We’ve put away all we can and hope to the lights (and the sump pumps) stay on all night and Sunday morning.

Sue and Justin are stranded in Florida after vacation, will try to come home Sunday. Chris, Judy and Nick are home in Atlantic Highlands, one of few NJ shore towns not under an evacuation order. Kevin’s mom is home, too, and ready to ride out the storm.

Stay safe everybody!

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