Congratulations, Dan and Shannon!


Exhibit A in we’re getting old is when kids I taught in Sunday school get married—like Shannon Elrod, to her great partner Dan Dingman. And to add insult to (not-really) injury, I saw another student from those good old days, the former Katie Feras, with her beautiful, 7-week-old daughter Lila (and dutiful husband Jared), at the wedding. Babies, too! My god, I’m old!!

Anyway, my intimations of mortality aside, it was a lot of fun. Our friends Brad and Shirley Elrod clearly had a blast, and we saw some old friends (and some new ones as well). The moment Virginia and I are waiting to see is when Brad and Shannon’s father-daughter dance turned into a hip-hop routine to a Black Eyes Peas song, with Brad an enthusiastic participant. It was hilarious. We’ll post when we see video of it (you know it’s coming).

I didn’t know Dan much at all before Peter and I visited Chicago this summer, where Dan and Shannon are living, and met up with them and Dan’s parents for deep-dish pizza. We had a very nice visit and you could see that they were a great couple, and that Dan’s parents were super people, too.

So we had a great day, Dan and Shannon had a better one—and now it’s back to the grind.

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