Seniors Night at Methacton

It was Seniors Night for the boys hoops team at Methacton. For us, it was a chance to celebrate Pete’s four years playing in high school, culminating in his senior year on the varsity squad.

Both grandmas made it out, as well as Sue, Chris and Justin—which was great. And our friends Steve, Linda and Drew joined us as well.

Before the game, Pete, Virginia and I walked out on the court to have our photo taken and generally mark Pete’s senior year. On the way back, I told him I was proud of him, and that he should enjoy the game.

And what a game. He started for the first time this year (all the seniors who hadn’t started previously were in the starting lineup). And he made the first basket of the game (a curling jumper from the free throw line)—and the second (a three-pointer). He played a lot of the first half, and his team had a good game and won by 18 or 19 points. I think he finished with 9 points. Best of all, he, his friends and all us had a night we’ll remember.

Photos above.

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