Gettysburg Trip

We took advantage of the boys’ Spring Break for a family-only getaway, to Gettysburg, where only Virginia had visited previously (though she likes to tell Kevin he’s been there every time we re-visit the subject.

The boys were, honestly, not very excited about the trip, but we won them over by signing up for a Segway tour of the battlefield, which was a very cool way to travel 9 miles in an afternoon without ever breaking a sweat (except, of course, when Virginia ran the Stop sign at the bottom of a hill onto a car road).

(Regarding the Segway tour, we went with an outfit you can find at Some of the photos above were taken and shared by them.)

Afterward, we went to the local pub with a huge menu and big portions, and everyone was very happy. Then we retired to the Wyndham, which had an indoor pool. You would think that 17- and 15-year-olds would have outgrown the charms of an indoor pool—but you’d be wrong. It’s kinda amazing. All the fresh air paid off that night, too, as we were all able to go to sleep pretty close to 11 pm.

Next morning Virginia and I left early to get in a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield on our own terms, and after rejoining boys fo rbreakfast, we visited the Eisenhower farm that abuts the national park. Then we headed home before the Kirks arrived for an “Easter Saturday.” Photos from Friday in the next post.

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