Our Trip to Arlington


Virginia and Kevin went to our denominational conference the weekend of April 14-15, in Arlington, Va. It was great to see a lot of friends, and Virginia made progress on her two duties—a districtwide nominating committee for board positions and a Pennsylvania state legislative activist network. She is a very talented networker, for sure.

Whiel we spent much of the weekend in a hotel conference center, we got out Saturday night for dinner with a couple ministers and a new acquaintance, at Cafe Asia, which was pretty darn good. Afterward we caught up with our friends Carla and Maryann.

Sunday morning we got up and got outside. Kevin ran along the Potomoc till he could see the Washington Monument line up the right of the Lincoln Memorial. Virginia went for a walk on Theodore Roosevelt Island (photos of Teddy in the photo gallery).

We got back, washed up, and caught UUA president Rev. Peter Morales, who spoke about the challenges for American religious movements in the 21st century. Very interesting. I like that afterward he listened very intently to a young guy wearing a pirate hat. Marginalize a pirate? Not Peter!


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