Senior Awards Night

Pete was invited to attend the annual awards night at Methacton High School. If you know Pete, you know that his academics have not been especially stellar over the years, so we were all curious what award he was up for. Physical education? A school spirit or “good citizen” award (he won one of those back in 5th grade when leaving elementary school)? It was an honest-to-goodness mystery.

Mystery solved, and it came early in the night. Pete was given an award by the Audubon Recreation Association, where he played baseball, basketball and soccer over the years. He also reffed hoops games for younger kids when he was older. It doesn’t sound like much—except that the award came with a $500 stipend. Yes, $500! Adding to the fun, there was a female recipient, and it ended up being his longtime friend Vicki Schaffer (Pete and Vicki were in a playgroup as precocious 3-year-olds). Vicki walked off with $500, too.

Rounding out the awards among our friends was Erin Barlow, who took home a bunch of awards (see the photo to see her fanning out her certificates). Erin’s headed to Cornell, Vicki to Kutztown, and Pete to Bloomsburg. The money will come in very handy.

One thought on “Senior Awards Night

  1. Loved all the photos especially the modest gal who got all those awards. Pete and Virginia look trrific love D


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