Move-In Day


Pete’s departure for college came fast. Thanks to summer session at Bloomsburg U., we packed him up (simply, as is his want) yesterday and drove off this morning toward Bloomsburg, Pa., to get him settled in.

The process went smoothly enough and included a trip to the book store and a walk around campus (I hadn’t been there until today). Nice-looking school, and because it’s summer session, we weren’t part of the usual mass of students and parents on a college move-in day. And because our last name starts with D, we were among the first folks allowed to arrive. Pretty sweet.

We stopped at a store to make some final purchases (water! It’s ungodly hot this weekend and this is a dorm—so no AC) and, after grabbing a brunchy meal at the Bloomsburg Diner, we dropped off Pete with his case of water and some hangers, watched him walk into his dorm, and headed out of town, to attend a family high school graduation party in NJ.

You raise your kids with the idea that someday you want them to thrive outside your home, at least I always did. I told Peter on his 18th birthday that he receives a lot of freedom this year, and more important than enjoying it (though I hope he does that too) is respecting it, and understanding that freedom disrespected has a nasty habit of becoming freedom lost.

He’s a smart young man and I love him dearly, and I think he will grow into his freedom. But those are big thoughts. For now, I’m remembering how I watched him head in to his dorm while Virginia and I returned to the car. Lots of emotions and a thought—it’s a moving day, alright.

2 thoughts on “Move-In Day

  1. I cried as I read this. I still see him as the first grandchild in our family {after Mary of course. I hope he likes the college and meets good friends Love D


  2. Kevin-how sweet! I have tears in my eyes! You and Virg have done a great job. Pete is a terrific young man and he will be fine!


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