Nick visits


Somehow, our nephew Nick has never spent an overnight with us—until last weekend, when we rectified this shortcoming. And we had a blast. Nick is a history buff, so a visit to Philadelphia is a natural, and a visit to the Franklin Instiute was a double-natural. We had a good time, walked down to Love Park, then headed for home.

Along the way we learned a lot about Nick—his love for Napoleon Bonaparte (check out photo #8), his mastery of the history of Europe (even thought he’s just 11), and his somewhat conflicted interest in having a female companion (that’s his new GF in photo #4—OK, we tease!).

Anyway, after our day in Philly, we were grabbing dinner in our town. Halfway through the dinner, Nick thrust his Shirley Temple in the air and said, “Thanks for having me. This is a lot of fun.” At which point, Virginia decided Nick is welcome to visit any time he wants, for as long as he wants.



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