Sometimes a Watermelon …

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… is just a watermelon.

During our very fun weekend at the DeGeorges’ place in (or near) the Poconos, Mark brought along a 36-pound watermelon. Most folks would just eat it. But we were, most assuredly, not “most folks.” So we started exercising with it.

Virginia curled it. Then Trey, Cameron and Kelly pressed it overheard. Joe picked up where they left off, adding the dangerous behind-the-head element (if there’s any impingement, you’re on your own, Joe).

Finally, the enormous watermelon made it to Grace. Would she lift it with one hand? Drop-kick it over the garage? Knock a hole in it and pour in a gallon of rum?

None of the above. She sat on it. As you can see, Joe was amazed.

Lots of fun, and more photos to come.

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