Jim Thorpe visit

Virginia and I made our first stop at Jim Thorpe, Pa., in about 10 years to hike and bike.

The biking came first. It was cloudy and chilly—and riding 5 miles upriver next to the Lehigh River convinced Virginia that there is indeed a grade along the river. Coming back, the clouds started to break and it did indeed feel downhill all the way.

Next we hiked up to a waterfall—Glen Onoko Falls perhaps? It took about 90 minutes or so, the falls were very pretty, and you could actually walk behind them.

We wanted to stop in Jim Thorpe for a late lunch but it was super-crowded and no way to just stop. So we ended up in a biker bar, The Riverwalk. Fun times.

The trip was also the final public appearance for Kevin’s nascent beard. Alas …

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