Kelly's home!


We’re home after a 4-day stay at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Kelly had been struggling with his IBD since we switched medicines this summer (he had developed an allergy to the medicine that had served him well for two year, Remicade, and had switched to another, Humira), and he slipped into a flare in October.

He received a big dose of intravenous steroids (prednisone) while in CHOP, and that seemed to do the trick over the weekend. On Monday, we came up with a maintenance plan going forward, and he was discharged by 5 pm.

It was an arduous span of days, but we are privileged to have the talented and caring folks at CHOP to help out (a special shout-out to Dr. Grossman, who guided the treatment) and all those who have lent their thoughts and prayers over the past 5 days. Whether we are in His grip—or Hers, or all of ours—we have felt it and are grateful.

Kelly goes back to school tomorrow and we’re hopeful things will become blessedly normal for the foreseeable future. Again, thanks for everyone’s best wishes. We’ll keep on keepin’ on.

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