What’s a Job Placement Worth?

I work as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications. I’ve done it for 2 1/2 years now. In that time, my employer has hired 4 of my students—the most recent, Gerilyn Manago, this past week.

I do not want to sound as if these students aren’t worthy; they are, and for the most part I’m so impressed by the undergrad students and their drive. But here’s my selfish question: what is that worth to the university? I have no false illusions about my teaching skills—I’m adequate on my good days, but it’s not something that I have extensive experience with, and the fact that I usually interact remotely, via Skype, means that there’s a level of intimacy that’s missing.

I acknowledge all that, but … but … I get these kids jobs. How many of their profs do that? Maybe a lot do.

Anyway, as we near the end of Semester #5, and a strange semester it’s been, this is what I wonder: would I be better getting paid for delivering employment results? And if so, what’s a job for a colleage graduate (or grad student) worth to a prestigious university?

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