My Oscar Predictions

I’ll be brief.

Best Picture: Argo

I originally thought Lincoln, but I’m coming around that the whole Argo thing is really going to happen, even though Ben Affleck didn’t get a director nomination.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

Book it. A lock.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

I think this is one way Silver Linings Playbook gets some love (see the next entry fo the other). Lawrence had a great year. She’s deserving.

Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro

It’s been a while for Bobby D, and this is a worthy role. Otherwise, it’s Django’s Christoph Waltz. I thought that performance petered out after a great start.

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

I’m not a big fan, but I get it. It’s hers this year. Saw everything but The Master.

Animated Feature: Brave

Could be Wreck It, Ralph. But I have a Pixar fetish, and I think they lost last year. Bet they’re back this year.

Cinematography: Anna Karenina

I really enjoyed this film and I think the filmwork was marvelous.

Costume: Anna Karenina

See above.

Makeup: The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has to get something, right?

Directing: Ang Lee (Life of Pi)

Didn’t see it, but he’s great, I don’t think the others are all that deserving (Lincoln was good but it had some hokey parts—including the beginning, Silver Linings Playbook was well-done but not a tour de force), and it sounds like a winner. I bet it wins a lot of technical awards.

Documentary: Searching for Sugar Man

Doc Short: Redemption

Film Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

What a final hour!

Foreign Language Film: Amour

Makeup: Les Mis

Music: Skyfall

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Writing, Adapted: Lincoln

Toss-up between this and Argo.

Writing, Original: Django

I think Tarantino is way indulgent in this script, and I liked Moonrise Kingdom’s more, but it’s not me voting.

UPDATE: I finished 12 of 19 on these, which wasn’t great but was good enough to tie for the win in the pool at my friend’s annual Oscar party. If only I had listened to that voice in my head that said, “Robert De Niro didn’t even fake a little bit of a Philly accent.”

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