You Can’t Fake This Stuff

One of the really great things about working at Rodale is that we’re in the business of human thriving, which makes it really hypocritical if the company doesn’t, you know, encourage its employees to thrive.

Point being, we have a “fun in the workplace” Friday coming soon, with food, contests, games and activities planned. (Now we need this crummy weather to clear out before the event.) And folks are already in the spirit. The photo above is a co-worker’s door.

And it’s not just a special event. I left my desk this afternoon to kick off Phase 3 of Speed Shred, the successful DVD program we launched last summer. We did all 12 weeks this fall, switched to the Spartacus DVD product we introduced around the holidays, and returned to Speed Shred in late January. Sure, I ate lunch at my desk to save the off-time for “Shredding,” but honestly, how cool is that! It’s fair to say that my five years at Men’s Health has been hugely beneficial to my health and fitness.

Yesterday, my minister was talking about how our perpetual busy-ness leaves us tired, and how this affects our ability to be our best. Afterward, I told him that my company has 2 nap rooms in the building I work in, and that a high-ranking editor at the magazine uses it, permissioning other folks to do the same. That doesn’t mean that everyone shows up with a blankie and puts their head down after milk-and-cookie time, but it is affirming to know that when you’re tired, you can rest.

This all sounds a little kiss-ass and pollyanna-ish, but a) it’s all true and b) I’m in a good mood. I feel very blessed and grateful to work someplace that walks its talk.

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