Post-Prom King and Queen

IMG_0170Virginia and I headed up the postprom cleanup this morning. It was a load.

What, you might ask, is postprom? It’s an after-prom party, organized by parents, that is so audaciously awesome that there’s no way the kids can’t attend. It is a way to make sure same kids are safe and not driving (and drinking) to the Shore overnight.

It is, in sort, a luxurious prison. And a logistical nightmare. It takes a day and a half to set up all the exhibits, which includes dozens of themed murals hung in school hallways, a faux casino, a gym-full of inflatables, and more food than even a locust swarm of teenagers can eat in an evening, and a night, and a morning.

The kids are released at 5:30 and it looks like a zombie army, adults and teens. That’s when we went to work, taking down everything that had been so lovingly put together.

8 hours later, it was done, and we went home, ate lunch, and took a nap.

Our final act of this busy day was a fundraiser for ACPPA, the Norristown children’s arts cooperative run by Amy Grebe. It is a great nonprofit, it does essential, life-changing work, and we are so happy to support it. That said, it was ’50s themed, and the band was a little loud for us. We attended with our friends Ken and Betsy (photo of Virginia and Betsy below).

The funny thing about the ’50s theme was that, apparently, meant the food had to be boring: burgers, fries, apple crisp, vanilla ice cream. Was the food really that unimaginative then?

Oh, and Virginia won a Peggy Sue award as the pinkest person at the fundraiser. Wel-deserved (see below).


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