Kelly in the Driver's Seat


We have another driver in the house. Kelly passed the driver’s test in his second try, this time in Bedford, Pa, which is almost certainly in Ohio. Why did we go 3 hours away for the second try? Was Kelly’s first attempt THAT disastrous?? No. But the next open slot for a drivers test in Eastern Pennsylvania was roughly in 2123, so we, as many great Americans before us, went west—though not so far west as to actually leave, you know, the Conmonwealth.

Anyway, Kelly passed, and the idea that we no longer have to drive him places has everyone giddy. The only drama left is Pete’s return home in December and the competition between two drivers over one well-used, 11-year-old Rav-4 with 170k miles on it. Who will be our Katniss Everdeen? Let the Hunger Games begin!!

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