Homecoming 2013

Kelly’s a high school junior now, and we’re starting to get closer to some “lasts.” That’s what I was thinking about on Friday, when we took photos of Kelly and his friends before the annual homecoming dance. It isn’t the final lap, but we’re not that far from the final lap, so we better enjoy the ride.

Kelly, Mike and Louis seemed to be enjoying the ride, as they were the only guys with 11 young ladies in va-va-voom dresses. I often think at work that somehow young women are so much more mature than young men as they enter the workforce, and I wonder when that happens. Clearly, it happens before junior year in high school, because the guys look like 16-year-olds and the girls look like supermodels. It’s a little jarring.

Anyway, Kelly is doing well as a new driver, and Virginia and I are grateful to be (finally!) out of the chaffeur business, except for ourselves. Next for us is hammering out a college visit schedule for Kelly—and workign out the details on Pete’s transfer to Temple this winter break.


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