Ice Storm 2014

After Monday’s snow, Wednesday brought the tink-tinkling of sound. By 7:30 am, we lost power, and a smallish tree fell across our driveway. By 11 am, our backup power to the sump pumps had given out and the water was coming in to the basement. Kelly, and a cadre of his friends, pitched in to a bailing brigade, but it wasn’t nearly enough. The water ended up about 5 inches high.

Thankfully, at about 3:30, the power came back on, and the basement emptied in about 90 minutes. All things considered, it was better than others we know, especially in Worcester Twp. and Chester County, who lost power for 4-5 days. But it wasn’t fun.

We’ve cleaned and mopped and disinfected as bet we can. We’ll see if we can avoid having to replace all the wallboard again. And we’re investigating a natural gas-powered generator to avoid another power outage-related flood in the basement.



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