Prom #1

Kelly attended his FIRST prom of the spring, with his friend Vaughn, who invited him to the Agnes Irwin High School prom. He and Vaughn made a stunning couple, though everyone tried to triage his bowtie (next time, kid, buy one that comes pre-tied).

And yes, because Kelly is attending two proms as a junior (and at least one as a senior, assuming he doesn’t end up in prison), we made the decision to buy him a tux. Actually, the math of it made the decision; it’s way cheaper. The bonus is that he and Pete are about the same size, so if you need either guy to be a best man in a wedding, call now. Pete might be interning at a casino in Valley Forge this summer, and I think he should wear the tux to work each night. Tell me he won’t make an impression. Like 007. “Donahue, Peter Donahue.”

But enough about Pete. It’s not his weekend. It was Kelly’s, though he ended up with a migraine during the prom and Kevin had to go pick him up. He got some rest and everything was fine Sunday—Vaughn managed to have fun even though her date bailed.

Kelly’s Methacton prom is less than 2 weeks out. Hopefully, all goes off well—or we’ll be puttign the tuxedo on eBay.

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