Easter 2014

DSC08115Spring has sprung. Change is in the air. The grass is greening, the cherry trees are flowering. And my 16-year-old nephew Ryan walked into the house Saturday with the car keys in his hand. He had driven the family minivan part of the way from Maryland to Pa.

Yes, change is in the air. And his dad didn’t look too much worse for the wear.

The Kirks joined us for the Easter weekend, as did our friend Kris, who lives in Strasbourg, France. Hadn’t seen her in 3+ years, and that’s too long. Virginia’s friend Eileen, down from Syracuse, also stopped by Saturday. It was a pretty good day, except for the fact I had a persistent, nasty headache and general achiness that grew worse as the day progressed and sent me to bed. As annoying as it was, it did remind me that plenty of people live with this kind of pain and discomfort much of the time. Thankfully, it disappeared overnight.

We had a very nice Sunday. A good morning at Wellsprings Congregation, a beautiful afternoon (that allowed for the photos below), a fine dinner—and, sadly, a long ride home for the Kirks, though with the extra traffic and fading light, Ryan wasn’t behind the wheel this time.

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