College visit to U. of Delaware

We took Kelly on a college visit this weekend to the University of Delaware, where I went from 1984-88.

I was in Newark for work last fall so I had already experienced the half-familiarity of a place that I once knew really well but it has changed so much. Even so, I walked around much more on Saturday than I did last fall. I even went past the offices of the school newspaper where I was editor as a senior. It had changed less than anything else I saw—even the keypad to enter the office looked much as I remember it (no newfangled to gain access, and the sign and windows haven’t changed in 25 years). That was a bit of a shock. I remember one of my last acts as editor was to OK the purchase of a bunch of Macs to replace the terminals and typesetter we had used, and cursed, for my 2 1/2 years at the paper. I’m sure folks cursed me as well.

We’ll see where Kelly decides to go, but I still like Delaware. Some photos from our visit.

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