The Graduate


We were in New Jersey this weekend to celebrate Jamie Roberts’ graduation from the University of Delaware. Jamie finished up his studies over the winter, and has been working for months now (for Pepsi, in northern Jersey). He’s a good kid, with an impish grin and a stated desire to corrupt my two sons. If only corruption was so easy to identify and thwart 😉

We had a nice time seeing everyone, including Jamie’s sister Allie (above), who is a workout fiend and an accomplished teacher. It’s great to see these Once Little Ones becoming Big Ones, and even Self-Sufficient Big Ones. Still, it’s a sign of the times, I think, that so many of these SSBOs are still living with their parents.

Sometimes I wonder whether that’s a function of a lack of finances to actually get out of the house, or whether young people today are smart enough to realize they aren’t going to live in a place as nice as their parents’ home again for a very long time. Why would you leave? It’s the same question I ask about Santa Claus: why stop believing? I wish I could re-believe in Santa Claus (and the idea of consequence-free desires).

That’s enough musing. We saw lots of my family, watched Jamie’s friends frolic, and had a friend of Jamie’s mom decide she wanted in to our family. In a word, fun.





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