Vermont Was Amazing


Virginia and I had a wonderful, wonderful time in Vermont, visiting our friends Ken Rainey and Betsy Plume at their little bit of paradise that goes by the name of Trail’s End, on the shores of Lake Willoughby, in northeast Vermont. Beautiful days, gorgeous nights, the company of Ken and Betsy, their families, and our friends Mary and Majid Alsayegh. What a gift! Many hikes, a little biking, some time on the lake, and amazing music and food. And the moon! The last two nights the moon was so huge and glowing in our bedroom window that it woke me up. So many memories!

Before we got to Trail’s End, we dropped off Kelly and his friend Trey at Unirondack for Kelly’s final year at summer camp. That’s the two of them at camp, as well as a photo from Trey’s family’s place in the Poconos, the night before we headed north.

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