The Slow Road to the Urbanathlon

Last year, I was part of a relay team that tackled the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. I completed the anchor leg, 3-odd miles with a set of obstacles including running up and down CitiField and scaling an 8-foot wall, and thought, I should do the entire thing next year.

Well, it’s about nine weeks from next year (Oct. 22) and I need to get my butt in gear. I have run on and off and stayed active through the summer, but I need to get in some serious running if I’m going to tackle 10 miles.

I was off to an OK start, and had incorporated a fair amount of sprinting (8-10 40-yard sprints, uphill) to add some pace to my sluggish pace.

Then, being 48, my right foot started to hurt for no good reason. No, it’s not a stress fracture. It’s the fleshy part of the pad near my big toe. But it hurt like hell, and is only now quieting down.

So it’s time to get in gear, though this weekend I might stick to a bike and aim to start running after Labor Day.

Wish me luck.


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