Congrats, Kelly!

It’s no secret that it’s been a tough school year for Kelly, who has been struggling with migraines since October.

So it was nice last week when he completed a grueling week of midterms without missing a day of school. And on Friday, he got some more good news: he was accepted at Temple University.

Pete is already at Temple; I don’t know if that’s a plus or minus for Kelly. And he’s still waiting to hear from his favorite school, Syracuse. But it was a relief to know that he could go to a good school that offers a strong program in his stated field of interest (video storytelling). His mom and I like the idea that it is also in the city where his medical care is based. There is obviously much to get discussed and decided, but there are also a couple months to work it out.

That’s a long way of saying that we went out Sunday night to celebrate Kelly’s good news (and his 18th birthday, which is a couple weeks off) at Smith & Wollensky’s, on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. My mom joined us, which was great, and Pete had a chance to show her Temple’s campus. She was impressed by all the new buildings.

It was Restaurant Week in Philly, so we ordered off a limited menu, but that didn’t stop anyone from eating a lot. Then we dropped off Pete and headed home ahead of what was supposed to be a big ol’ snowstorm (not quite, it turned out).

Regardless, we had a great time.


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