Where Should I Put My Stuff?

I’ve been circling Medium for about a year now. The self-proclaimed platform for thinkers and thoughtful discussion has a formidable back-end—it’s the best WYSIWYG editor I’ve seen, and it has the smartest commenting system I’ve seen.

And there is plenty of content there, including posts from Hillary Clinton, Politico, Jeff Jarvis, and many others.

But …

But it has a real Silicon Valley/lifehack bias that I find stultifying. I could care less about VCs and 80 posts a day about the social implications of Slack. Please.

Beyond that, it seems as if it’s very difficult for non-tech content to surface on the platform—stories about people who don’t live near San Jose and the Bay Area, about non-Silicon Valley ideas, about “8 Competitors for Slack” or “13 Thoughts about the Latest Java Update.”

I’m not saying those aren’t valid topics—only that they don’t interest me and, I suspect, most people who live outside the tech-verse, which, admittedly, is a highly engaged and growing universe. Just not mine.

I have a WordPress blog, hosted at WordPress.com. It’s simple, I like it. It receives very modest traffic. Nobody comments on the articles at all. All the conversation happens on Facebook and Twitter, which is fine. That makes me think I should post to Medium—except I don’t like giving up ownership of the things I think and write, especially to a platform that is at best indifferent and perhaps even hostile to my being discovered there. But Kevin, I tell myself, NO PLATFORM cares about you.

That, alas, is most likely true.

But WordPress is part of the open web, which I think is important, even in a world dominated by walled gardens and platforms like Facebook and Medium.

So I think I will sit tight, for now. Come visit me here again.

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