Why I Like My Pixel 3a Better Than the iPhone 11

I purchased an iPhone 11 earlier this summer to replace my Pixel 3a. I am not satisfied. Here’s why would I return to my Pixel 3a:

• The size. The Pixel 3a is smaller and, honestly, just the perfect size for a phone. The iPhone 11, which is the old XR, is just plain large.

• I got a Quadlock for the Pixel 3a case. Quadlock makes the best locking system for phone cases. It’s easy to use on a bike, in the car, etc. The Universal Fit accessory allows one to turn any case into a Quadlock case. The awkwardness of hooking my phone into my car and my bike was honestly my biggest gripe with the Pixel 3a. That’s now solved. I actually find the Pixel 3a and Android more intuitive and helpful than iOS/iPhone, I hate face unlock (especially in a mask-forward pandemic) and Google Assistant is so much better than Siri. Plus, the apps I used to find so useful when I last lived on an iPhone (Halide, Spectre, Darkroom), I just don’t find myself using them. The exception is Dark Sky, the what’s-happening-in-the-next-hour weather app that I love and which Apple recently purchased. Accuweather’s app does something similar, but it’s just not as refined. DS is just about perfect.

I think I’m going to give my iPhone 11 to a family member and return to my Pixel 3a. I don’t think it will have much effect on my life at all, except in a mildly positive way. It’ll force me to not split my attention between Apple and Google ecosystems. It’ll make me use a camera to shoot camera-worthy photos. It’ll cost me Dark Sky, and iMessage, but that’s about it.

The hardest part is figuring out how to backtrack to the Pixel. And how not to end up buying the Pixel 5 or even the 4a, when it’s released. I think I can handle it.

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